This area used to be a bare strip, but it now hosts beautiful succulents.

Westwood Elementary Tour

Left to right: Mary Mihalik, Karen Brainard, Audrey Koble, Colin Young, and two garden helpers. Photo courtesy of the school PTA president.

School Gardens

Each year, the Bernardo Gardeners Club awards cash donations to three Poway district schools to help in the development of their school gardens.In early spring 2019, Turtleback Elementary, Westwood Elementary, and Tierra Bonita Elementary schools were each awarded $800.

On May 30th, Roy Wilburn, Renee Garza, and Sharon Swildens visited Turtleback Elementary and toured the established gardens and produce that the children had for sale in their farmer's market. On May 31st, Audrey Koble, Karen Brainard, and Sharon Swildens visited Westwood Elementary, where they were given a tour by Colin Young, who supervises the children's garden, teacher Mary Mihalik, the PTA president, and volunteers. ContactKaren Brainard.

Children's Garden

Civic Beautification

The Bernardo Gardeners Club is active in various civic improvement activities within its community.

Turtleback Elementary Tour

Left to right: Nay Flinn, Sharon Swildens. Photo courtesy of Renee Garza.

Penny Pines

Our members and guests participate in this worthy reforestation project through the California Garden Clubs, Inc. by donating money at our monthly meetings. Donations, in increments of $68, will purchase one plantation. Each plantation consists of approximately 350 trees on a little less than one acre. Our donations, in conjunction with Federal funds, are used to replant burned trees (native to our area) or repair damaged forests throughout California, wherever there have been destructive fires. The devastation in these areas suffered during the 2003 and 2007 fires was immense. As of July 2019, our club will have purchased approximately 98 plantations.  All the national forests in California that receive donations send our Club certificates of appreciation. For more information, go to the Penny Pines  website. Honor someone or an event by making a contribution. 


RB Library Entrance

Westwood Elementary Tour

Left to right: Karen Brainard, Audrey Koble, and Mary Mihalik, school teacher liaison. Photo courtesy of Colin Young.

Rancho Bernardo Library Indoor Garden, Children's Garden, and Side Area:

Members were at it again, creating and working hard on two gardens, the Children's Garden and the Lobby Garden at the Rancho Bernardo Library. 

Rancho Bernardo Library Flower Arrangements:

Beautiful plant and flower arrangements are donated and placed in the entryway every week by our members. When you visit the library, check them out. For nearly 20 years, this project has been expertly and lovingly engaged by members of the Bernardo Gardeners Club. 

​Garden Therapy 

The Garden Therapy group meets on the second Monday of each month, October through May. Workshop times are 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The committee plans projects using succulents, dried plants, pumpkins, pine cones, and various other materials. It's an enjoyable and rewarding experience 

working with the residents of Gateway Assisted Living. 


Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California