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From California Garden Clubs, Inc. (CGCI)

California Garden Clubs, Inc. (CGCI) awards are given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments, meritorious achievements, creativity and ingenuity in a variety of activities to garden clubs throughout the state.

The Bernardo Gardeners Club submitted applications for several awards for the 2016 calendar year. At the recently held Palomar District summer meeting in June, we received notification that the club received a Blue Ribbon Certificate of Achievement, which denotes being an active garden club.

We received First Place for the Youth Horticulture Award and a $25 check. Our club supported a Boy Scout by funding his landscaping project at Turtleback Elementary School.

Bernardo Gardeners Club received Second Place for the Youth Gardening Achievement Award for supporting two local elementary schools with their school gardens. We received a $30 check for this award. Our main fundraiser, the Spring Garden Tour, made it possible to fund these two school gardens, helping them greatly with the expenses in creating these successful projects. Thank you Sharon Swildens for submitting these applications.

Also, Linda Faulkner, Jeanne Green, Daryl Hons, and Judy Krupski deserve special recognition for submitting award applications for the Spring Garden Tour, club website, and Garden Therapy at Gateway Assisted Living in Poway, respectively.

Janice Cydell

Awards Chairperson


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Light Brown Apple Moth Quarantine

If you are a home fruit or vegetable gardener, it's always tempting to give surplus fruits and vegetables to friends and neighbors. Unwittingly, you might be helping spread an agricultural pest that has invaded our area, the light brown apple moth. Much of Rancho Bernardo and Poway is within a quarantine area, so check out the quarantine boundary before giving away produce. Click here for specific information and maps.

2017-2018 Palomar District's Floral Design Forum

Shinoda Design Center, 7170 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92121

​First Mondays, October--May at 12:30 p.m.

Learn all about floral designing from top floral designers who will give you the best information so you can create stunning arrangements for your home! Membership for all eight sessions is $70.

Make checks payable to Palomar District--FDF and mail to Mr. George Speer, 30861 Saddleback Road, Valley Center, CA 92082. Please include your first and last name, address, city, phone number and email address.

Earth Day Celebration

Audrey Koble and Linda Faulkner

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June Rose Care

Spring has come and we are in the throes of blooms everywhere! But the harmful insects have found our beloved plants. April and May bring the dreaded Rose Slug, those little green caterpillar-like larvae of the Sawfly Moth, which love to eat your leaves, leaving holes in them (skeletonizing). First, you can manually take them off, along with the infested leaves (if they are very lacy), or blast them with water. You can also try a container of Lady Bugs or Praying Mantises from the nursery for an organic approach. Last, you can use pesticides, but this will also kill the beneficial insects.

Audrey Koble

​President, Bernardo Gardeners Club