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Holiday Party, December 13th

The Bernardo Heights Country Club was the place to be for this annual holiday hootenanny. Join our roving PartyCam to catch the action! Photos courtesy of Peri Cunefare.

Photo Galleries

General Meeting, March 15th

David Ross, manager at Walter Andersen Nursery in Poway, wowed the crowd with his presentation on plants that work well in the local area. Photos courtesy of Audrey Koble and Daryl Hons.

Roses 101 Workshop, January 10th

Pasadena isn't the only place that has a New Year's rose queen. Watch Audrey Koble, the Bernardo Gardeners Club rose queen, as she demonstrates how to plant a bare-root rose. Photos courtesy of Peri Cunefare.

Alta Vista Botanical Garden Trip, June 21st

Tired of the same botanical gardens? Here's a lesser known one that is full of surprises.

San Diego Botanic Garden, Sunshine Garden Nursery, and Betty's Pie Whole Trip, February 15th

This action-packed trip included a tour of the San Diego Botanic Garden, as well as a stop at Sunshine Garden Nursery, and lunch at Betty's Pie Whole. Photos courtesy of Peri Cunefare and Audrey Koble.

General Meeting, January 18th wanna get dirty? Slip into something comfortable and watch Gisele Schoniger of the Kellogg Company show you how as she dishes the dirt about fertilizer, mulch, and other soil amendments. Photos courtesy of Peri Cunefare.

General Meeting, May 17th

Love was in the air as Volunteer Youth Garden Leader, Joelle Kohn, described the role of school gardens in local schools. Club volunteers and past presidents were honored and new club officers installed. Here's your chance to relive this lovefest in a pictorial kumbaya! Photos courtesy of Peri Cunefare.

Succulent Bowl-Fairy Garden Workshop, May 10th

Linda Freithaler orchestrated another successful succulent workshop at her home. Check out these happy faces! Photos courtesy of Audrey Koble.


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